Our Approach


Change can be exciting, unsettling, challenging and fulfilling. Together we will identify the changes you seek and what is needed to make these changes come to life.  In general, we practice gestalt therapy and focus on immediate experience.  This helps you integrate what you sense, feel, and think into a more meaningful life.  This is the heart of the therapeutic change process.

Our work is present-centered, insight oriented, and relational.  As experienced psychotherapists, we welcome you into a relationship where you will feel safe, understood, and can achieve insights into your life that enable you to resolve those issues bringing you into therapy.  We co-create an atmosphere of support and respect that allows us to explore change together.

How We Help You Change:

  • We Are Partners – Therapy occurs in the context of our relationship. Our psychotherapy relationship is the laboratory for your therapy.
  • A Holistic Approach – Our approach involves attending to all of you – your feelings, sensations, thoughts, actions, and your whole life situation.
  • The Present – Awareness, insight, and the ability to move through difficulties are achieved in a therapy that stays in the present. Our attention is on the influence of the past in the present. In therapy you can expect to experience an alive and productive connection between your present and your past.
  • Gentle Presence – We are direct and respectful.
  • Concrete Support – Successful therapy Involves being able to face some of the most uncomfortable and painful parts of your self. To be open to these experiences requires a supportive and empathic therapist. With us this support is experienced as concrete and solid.