Gestalt Therapy

Our aim is to provide a place for personal therapy, couples work and group work that allows us to unfold, to heal, and to feel fully alive!  These are the goals of gestalt therapy.  It  is a unique psychotherapy dedicated to helping people unblock barriers to being fully alive in the present.  It is a process psychotherapy of growth with the goal of improving our contact in our world through aware, spontaneous, and authentic dialogue.

Our overarching focus in Gestalt therapy is awareness.  Emotional awareness and expression keeps “unfinished business” from accumulating.  When we learn to hide our needs from ourselves and others, and we learn this at a very early age, we begin to accrue unfinished situations that drain our energy – energy that we need for excitement and creativity in life.  The ongoing awareness of feelings in one’s self and others is a prerequisite for an exciting and enjoyable life.

By focusing on the relationship we build together, moment-to-moment, as we walk through the issues that bring you to therapy, changes occur in feeling and thinking and a greater awareness of positive options is a result.  This cycle of awareness opens the way to creative new choices, new behaviors and healthy change – and we find it together!